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Custom WW2 German Panzer
Custom WW2 German Panzer

Custom WW2 German Panzer

Model#/SKU: BBC-S22

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Note: This item is new in box. - It is unopened in the original box. If it is an older set, there may be some wear on the box, but otherwise, it should be new.

German Panzer - Battle Brick Custom Set made with 100% REAL LEGO® Bricks and 88 Custom Tank tread links !

This set measures 5.50 inches long and 2.80 inches wide and is made of over 250 NEW genuine LEGO® Bricks and 88 custom tread links!

Set comes in a box with the Battle Brick Logo and includes printed step-by-step instructions

It includes:
-Fully rotating turret with adjustable gun mount
-Armed with a 3.7 cm KwK 36 gun
-seating for two minifigures including driver and gunner/commander (minifigures not included)
-Basic interior includes drivers position, steering wheel and shifter
-roof designed to be removed for easier access to the interior
-Printed step-by-step instructions
-Hand sorted custom set