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What is a Certified LEGO® Set?

Bricks and Minifigs goes above and beyond when it comes to helping people with their LEGO collections. We do all we can to help you have the most complete LEGO collection you can have. 

When it comes to used and retired LEGO sets, you want to know what you are getting, and that it is ALL LEGO (no off-brand parts), and that everything is there that is supposed to be there. That's why we CERTIFY sets. 

To certify a set, we make sure the set is clean, that every single part is present in the right color, and that the instruction booklet is there. Then, we place all the bricks in a new ziplock bag, place the bag in a new box (if the original box is not available), paste a copy of the original box on the outside, shrink-wrap it, and then label it with a CERTIFIED sticker. We even initial the sticker so we can know WHO certified it!

What's the difference in a used set and a certified set?

When you buy one of our used sets, it will be pre-assembled. Probably, you'll find it on a shelf in our store, or maybe on our website. This set is assembled as best we can based on instructions and photos we can find online. However, in most cases, the box and instructions may not be present. (Some times they are, too!) so if the instructions are not there, that will disqualify them from being Certified sets. (Fear not, the instructions are available online for ALL LEGO sets made in the last 20 or so years.) 

Used sets may also be missing a few parts. Usually not noticeable to anyone but someone who has spent a lot of time assembling the same set. Sometimes a brick may be a different color, but still holds the design well. And, if you're missing a block (or more), just let us know and you can come in and dig through our bulk bricks to find what you need. At NO CHARGE. 

Certified sets will have all bricks in them. If they don't, then WE will find the brick you need to complete the set. You won't have to spend time looking because we certified that set!

Whether you buy a used or certified set, it's still a great way to find a unique or hard-to-find set to complete your collection. For more information just ask or email us at