We Buy LEGO® Items

At Bricks and Minifigs, we don't just sell LEGO products, we buy them too! 

We will buy pretty much anything that has the LEGO® Logo on it! Bricks, sets, Used sets, built sets, boxes full of mixed LEGO bricks and blocks, you name it!

If you've been into LEGO products for any length of time, you probably have a stash of bricks and blocks, old sets, and maybe even brand new in the box LEGO sets laying around gathering dust. Turn those dust collectors into cash by selling them to us. We'll clean them up, remove any non-lego items, and make them available to customers who are looking just for the items you no longer need. 

Reuse - Recycle - Reimagine

When we buy your LEGO items, we make sure they will go to homes where they will be used and appreciated. Maybe your built set will go to a young girl who is going to be a great engineer. Or your bulk may help provide just the right parts for a young boy who is creating the race car of his dreams. Or, you may find a future LEGO Master gathering parts for his latest MOC (My Own Creation) that will be shown around the world. In any case, recycling your LEGO items is the best way to show that you appreciate what they have meant to you. 

Get The most for your LEGO Items

We can't pay full value for your LEGO items because we have to sell them in order to make a profit to stay in business and help keep LEGO sets available for all. But we pay more when you bring your LEGO items in ready to sell. Here's how to get them ready:

  • Make sure built sets are made correctly, are complete and have the instructions with them.
  • Minifigures should be correctly assembled and all authentic LEGO®
  • Remove any Non-Lego products from your bulk
    As an authorized LEGO® Dealer, we can't sell any non-LEGO items, so we have to remove them before we can sell your items. Removing them saves us time and helps us pay more for your items.
  • Make sure your items are clean
    The cleaner your items are, the more we can pay for them. Dirty items have to be cleaned and sometimes dismantled and washed. Make sure they are in excellent or good condition with little signs of use. 

We pay for bulk based on quantity (by the gallon), percentage of authentic LEGO®, and condition.

Here's how the process works:

Sell Your LEGO items for Cash
At Bricks & Minifigs, we buy and trade all things LEGO related: parts, pieces, minifigures and sets.

  • Get cash or store credit for your Lego items (no hassle and free quotes)
  • Go Green - Recycle and Reuse
  • Pass on your unwanted Lego products to other Lego lovers

1. Bring In your Lego product to Bricks & Minifigs

  • Come in anytime during business hours (no appt. necessary)
  • Must be 18 years and older (Bring your ID) (or bring a parent)
  • Minimize your wait and stop by weekdays when it’s usually slower (10 am - 3 pm)

2. Get Paid on-the-spot 

  • We’ll evaluate what you bring in and you’ll receive a quote for cash or store credit while you wait (and we always give more in store-credit)

3. Cash or Trade

  • Walk with your cash or shop around to use your store credit (or receive a gift card to use in the future)