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Max 30 Stand - Tricked Out Bricks
Max 30 Stand - Tricked Out Bricks

Max 30 Stand - Tricked Out Bricks

Model#/SKU: MDS-30

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Note: This item is new in box. - It is unopened in the original box. If it is an older set, there may be some wear on the box, but otherwise, it should be new.

Show off your larger LEGO® creations with a Tricked Out Bricks® Universal MAX Display Stand!

Our MAX Series Display Stands are designed to handle your larger LEGO® sets and custom builds. The stand incorporates two support arms, each with a 2×4 LEGO® attachment plate connector capable of securely connecting to your build. The stud distance between the outermost points of the two connection plates is a precise 14-stud length.  Need wider or narrower connection points for your build, no problem. Just modify the connection points using your own LEGO® bricks to get the perfect fit.

The Max Series Display Stand is available in 3 specific mounting angles with arms pitched at 15°, 30°, or a 0° (flat top). Select from the Max 15, Max 30, or Max Zero to get the just the right angle to make your LEGO® creation look awesome!

  • The baseplate is precision cut black gloss 1/4” Optix® Acrylic.
  • Provides a built-in minifigure plate. A LEGO® 2×4 plate is integrated into the display stand baseplate enabling you to display your favorite minifigures alongside your LEGO® creation.
  • Need more space for minifigures? Add on to the integrated LEGO® plate or upgrade to our 6-Figure Add-on Plate designed specifically for our Max Series Display Stands.
  • Two crystal clear display arms lift your LEGO® build 5” into the air and then fades into the background, ensuring your build is the center of attention.
  • The MAX 30 Stand comes with 2 arched stand arms pitched at a 30° angle. 
  • The connector bricks at the top of each stand arm incorporates a LEGO® 2×4 plate to create the perfect connection points with your LEGO® build, holding it firmly in place. The connector bricks can be configured in multiple positions depending on the needs of your build.
  • This stand comes in a kit and snaps firmly together. Assembly is required.

Arm Angle: 30°

Display Stand Dimensions: Width 7.5” x Depth 4.25” x Height 5.0”

Pieces: 8

Material: Acrylic

Age: 10+

**No LEGO® set is included