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Police SWAT Armored Truck

Police SWAT Armored Truck

Model#/SKU: BBC-S39

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Note: This item is new in box. - It is unopened in the original box. If it is an older set, there may be some wear on the box, but otherwise, it should be new.

Battle Brick SWAT Truck

Made with real LEGO® bricks and genuine custom parts

The Battle Brick SWAT truck complete set comes fully loaded with:

  •     1 tactical vest with "SWAT" printed on back
  •     215 hand sorted genuine LEGO® bricks
  •     1 custom minifig with, tactical helmet, gas mask, night vision goggles, and assault rifle
  •     Seating for up to 4 minifigs (1 driver, 3 minifigs seated in row behind driver) 1 minifig included
  •     Additional minifigures can be transported on the outside by holding onto grab bars on the outside of the vehicle
  •     Opening Roof hatch for crowd control
  •     Minifigure controls for driver
  •     Removable roof for easy access to interior
  •     2 opening doors (rear doors) and roof hatch
  •     High wheel base for rough terrain
  •     Custom SWAT stickers
  • NEWLY REVISED printed instructions