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5 Figure Case - Black - Tricked Out Bricks
5 Figure Case - Black - Tricked Out Bricks

5 Figure Case - Black - Tricked Out Bricks

Model#/SKU: MFC-5-Black

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Note: This item is new in box. - It is unopened in the original box. If it is an older set, there may be some wear on the box, but otherwise, it should be new.

Showcase and protect your favorite LEGO® minifigures in style with our Tricked Out Bricks® premium 5-figure display case. 

Display 5 Lego® minifigures in our premium display case and keep your collection organized, dust-free, and protected from harmful ultraviolet light.

Display Case Features:

  • 1/4” thick acrylic baseplate is precision cut from premium black gloss or clear gloss Optix® acrylic
  • Includes 10 LEGO® brand 1×1 round stud plates, optimally spaced to secure 5 minifigures standing side-by-side.
  • Crystal clear 1/8” thick Optix® acrylic case fits securely into the slotted baseplate to keep dust out and your minifigures secure and looking great.
  • Keep your figures looking bright and colorful. Tricked Out Bricks® display cases provide the ultimate in UV (Ultraviolet) protection by filtering out harmful light that can cause discoloration and fading of LEGO® ABS plastics.
  • This buildable display case comes in a kit and requires assembly. Each piece snaps securely together to form a sturdy protective case for your minifigures.

Material: Acrylic

Dimensions: Width 7.5” x  Depth 2.75” x  Height 2.75”

**LEGO® minifigures are not included