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Educator Support

We want to support your School!

Bricks & Minifigs Huntsville loves to work with schools and other educational facilities. We try to support in many ways. If you are associated with a school or similar facility in our local area (most of North Alabama and some of south-central Tennessee), then have someone from your school contact us if you could use some of the following support items.

How we support

As you can imagine, we have MANY schools approach us for support for their school, team or band. We can't support them all with money donations, but we do offer things that will benefit the school and the students.

  • Does your school have a Fall or Spring Festival? Perhaps we could attend and have a table where the kids can build with LEGO® and have a good time. Or, we can also bring items to sell if the families want that. 
  • Do you have a Silent Auction or other fund raiser? Bricks & Minifigs will offer a FREE BRICK-THEMED PARTY for you to sell, raffle or auction to benefit the school. The value of the party is $175 and should raise some good funding for you.
  • Do you have a rewards program for students who excel or improve? We offer schools FREE Build-a-Minifig cards to give out to students. These have a value of $5 (no cash value) in the store. Each student gets to build their own LEGO Minifigure (LEGO Person) from our separated parts. We offer these to schools in the area at NO CHARGE and can provide up to the number of students in your school if you request them.
  • TEACHERS: if you use LEGO bricks in your class room, we may have some free items for you as well. We filter out all non-LEGO® brand bricks from all the bricks we buy. These are set aside and we are not allowed to sell them. However, we can GIVE them to you! If you are a teacher that uses bricks, we can offer you a free Gallon sized bag of these non-lego items. All we ask is that they stay in your classroom so they don't end up back at our store in another bulk LEGO purchase. Just stop by the store and ask for your free bag of bricks!

We are open to other sponsorships using these same methods. For instance, if your school offers special notice for sponsors, we can offer these FREE Minifig cards and Parties as "in-kind" contributions to qualify for your sponsorship. 

If you have more questions email us directly at