LEGO History - Power Miners

The LEGO Power Miners series was a theme that was introduced in 2009 and ran until 2010. It was based on a group of miners who worked deep underground, mining for crystals that provided power for their machinery. However, the miners soon discovered that they were not alone underground, as they encountered a group of monsters called "Rock Monsters" who were also after the valuable crystals.

LEGO Power miners
The sets in the LEGO Power Miners series featured a range of vehicles and machines designed for mining and battling the Rock Monsters. The vehicles included a drilling machine, a giant claw excavator, and a transport truck, all of which were equipped with features such as drills, dynamite, and nets to capture the Rock Monsters.

The Rock Monsters themselves were also featured as buildable figures, with each one having a unique appearance and ability. For example, there was a red Rock Monster that could shoot fire, a blue one that could freeze objects, and a green one that could turn invisible.

The LEGO Power Miners series was generally well-received by fans and critics, who praised the creative designs of the vehicles and monsters, as well as the unique setting and storyline. However, the series was discontinued after only one year, possibly due to declining sales and competition from other LEGO themes.

Despite its short run, the LEGO Power Miners series remains a popular and nostalgic theme among fans, who appreciate its unique blend of mining and monster-battling. The sets and minifigures from the series are still sought-after by collectors and enthusiasts, and the theme has inspired numerous fan creations and adaptations.