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LEGO History - How LEGO Products crossed the Atlantic to the US

The LEGO company first began exporting its toys to the United States in the late 1950s, but it faced significant challenges in establishing itself in the American market. One major obstacle was the dominance of American toy companies, which made it difficult for LEGO to compete. Additionally, the company initially struggled with issues such as product quality, distribution, and marketing.

Lego system by Samsonite

To address these challenges, LEGO formed a partnership with the luggage manufacturer Samsonite in 1961. Samsonite agreed to handle the distribution and marketing of LEGO products in the United States, while LEGO retained control over the design and production of the toys.

The partnership with Samsonite helped LEGO to establish a foothold in the American market, and the company's sales in the US grew significantly over the following years. However, there were some limitations to the partnership, as LEGO had limited control over the distribution and marketing of its products.

In 1973, LEGO decided to establish its own subsidiary, LEGO Systems, Inc., in Enfield, Connecticut. This allowed the company to have a greater presence in the American market and to better tailor its products and marketing strategies to American consumers.

Over the years, LEGO continued to innovate and expand its offerings, introducing new themes and products that appealed to a wide range of audiences. The company also worked to establish partnerships and collaborations with other companies and franchises, such as the popular video game Minecraft.

Today, LEGO is a global brand that is recognized and beloved by people all over the world, and it continues to innovate and expand its offerings to appeal to new generations of fans. The company's success in the United States and around the world is a testament to its commitment to quality, innovation, and creativity.

In our next post, we'll begin to go through some of the great LEGO® series that have been produced over the years. 

LEGO® Logos through the years