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Bricks and Minifigs Huntsville Intro

Hello Huntsville and North Alabama!

We are so excited to be opening soon here in Huntsville! When we found the Bricks and Minifigs Franchise, it seemed like a perfect match for our area. We've been working, training, buying, collecting and preparing in the background since April and are primed and ready to go! 

But due to all the changes from COVID, Inflation, work situations and more, things move at a snails pace in the city when it comes to leasing a building and getting open. We've been doing all we can, but the current location has to be completely remodeled and may take until nearly THANKSGIVING! 

We had hoped to be open by now, but one thing leads to another and we're still waiting. Rest assured we're doing all we can to get open to help serve the local LEGO® community the best way we can!

Meanwhile, we are opening our website up for sales. We have listed over 200 New In Box sets on the website that we have available NOW. These can be purchased starting now and we'll be shipping items out beginning the first of August. So, feel free to look through the inventory listed. We have over 1000 LEGO sets listed and have tried to limit most of the displays to just what is in stock. But you can search for any LEGO Set and it may be there! 

IF YOU DON'T SEE WHAT YOU WANT then email us at and let us know. We'll try to locate the set you need. We may not always be able to do this, but we're going to try extra hard right now to show you how much we care about our customers. So, let us know!

We will soon be adding CERTIFIED SETS to the website. These are sets that have been checked out, verified, counted, and we guarantee they will contain every brick that came with the original set as well as the instructions. Some may have boxes, some may come in a generic box, but the thrill of opening the set and building it will be the same as a new set! Some of these will be sets that are retired and no longer available in stores. We'll be posting to our social media as we add these certified sets, so follow us on Facebook Instagram to stay aware and get first shot at these certified sets. 

We will also begin to list Built Sets to the site. These are used sets that are already built. Once the store is open, these will be displayed on our shelves so you can see them, but for now, we'll snap a photo or two so you can see what they look like. A used built set may have a missing part or two, and some parts may have been exchanged for a slightly different color, etc. But, they will look like the original and will be ALL LEGO branded bricks. (We don't sell any other kind of bricks.)

Needless to say, we've got much more to tell you than can go into a single blog post, so stay tuned! We'll post to FB/IG when we add a new post so you can check it out each week!

Carl Powell